A new cardPresso version is available! Check out the additional design functionalities, translations, supported printers and more!

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A new cardPresso version is available!

Check out the additional design functionalities, translations, supported printers and more!

You can download the new release by clicking here.

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Release History
More design functionalities
-- . Flip Text

Flip Text Horizontally and Vertically options were added to our design tools range. You can now easily play with mirror effect and more!

Easy to configure, you just need to select the text item and mark the options available in the Font tab.

Take a look at the samples we prepared for you.

. Personalize Pre-Printed Cards

Whether we are talking about gift cards, loyalty or even banking cards, pre-printed cards customization is now easier on cardPresso.

In the Background tab is now available a checkbox with option "Don't Print Background".

Add the design of your pre-printed card as a background and check the "Don't Print Background" option.

Add the items you want to personalize to your design and you are ready to print!

. Apply Color To Front And Back Option

By marking the checkbox "Apply color to front and back" available in the Backgrounds tab and choosing a color from the pallet, cardPresso will automatically attribute the chosen color to front and back side, simplifying the design process.

. Use Web-based Images On Your Design

It is now possible to use indexed images with HTTPS URL. To do so, make sure that the column of your database is filled with the images URL.

Connect the DB to your design and configure the field as Point to Indexed Image.

Your web-based images/photos are now available to print.


Extended printer support

cardPresso is able to print using all printers with Windows drivers.

For encoding purposes or advanced printing functionalities like UV, a special implementation is required (the complete list of implemented printers is available here).

DNP implementation was reviewed and includes now support to the latest driver, adding support to DNCP CX-D80H.

cardPresso is now compatible with Magicard latest driver v2.0.25+.

More supported languages
-- Translation to Nepali was added in this public release making cardPresso available in 26 different languages:

Arabic, Czech, Danish, German, English, Spanish, Persian, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Nepali, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese

More accurate info on the audit report
-- When using User Allowances with auditing option enabled, it is possible to track all the operations, keeping all the process under control.

The printed Layout Name is now automatically added to the report, allowing you to have more accurate info.

Additional implementations and improvements
. Now, when adding a new record or item with date type, the first day of the current year will be displayed, making the task quicker.

. An option to Remove or Keep the files was added to the Silent Uninstall, giving more flexibility in integration with other solutions.
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